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It's the small things that make a big difference.

Simple modern design with down to earth style. Organic Plant Dyed Goods designed and handmade in my studio Wethersfield, CT.

Hello, I’m Gina of HETTLE shop. We began in small spare bedroom as an Etsy shop, way back in 2008. At the time I was working full time as a graphic designer, and as a single parent of 2 was looking to supplement my income without having to leave home. This small business has changed in many ways over the years and has brought much joy & pride to our little family. HETTLE is a silly name for the softest bunny in the world. It seemed fitting to name my shop after a creature that brings simple happiness to our family. At HETTLE our desire is that our textiles bring that same simple goodness to you.

I am a graduate of The University of Connecticut with a degree in Fine Arts. As a person working professionally as a photographer, graphic designer and marketing & advertising director, I had a deep desire to work with my hands again. After a short hiatus, HETTLE shop has reopened with a new perspective on the 'things' we add to our lives.

Our inspiration is always Nature and our connection to it.

For us, this means paying attention to the little choices. Creating products with natural plant dyes, organic fabrics and modern design. Our Hand Painted patterns and block prints are created with Mordant Paste combined with Plant extracts and over dyed with plant dyes.

We can all strive to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Which means we must use less of the earth’s natural resources, replenish what we can and produce less waste. And reuse and repurpose whenever possible.

Why not start with a stylish organic naturally dyed reusable shopper. We know a cute bag can be contagious, and good for mother earth too.

Let’s get back to basics together, have a little fun and honor nature too.

Shop HETTLE at both Railroad St. Collective locations. 

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