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Under Mountain Weavers

My parents, Eric & Lottie Gerstel began Under Mountain Weavers of Salisbury, CT in the early 70s. Eric had brought looms to the U.S. from Scotland where he had gone to school to learn about textile design and weaving in the late 1930s after leaving Vienna, Austria. Here he met my mom who had emigrated from Dresden, Germany. 

In 1970 after a career in textile design, traveling to mills around the world, my parents established Under Mountain Weavers creating sports jackets, ties, skirts and teaching weaving. After retiring in the mid-80s, my parents sold Under Mountain Weavers to the Pinkstons of West Stockbridge, MA .

Almost three decades later, my husband and I moved our small weaving business back to the family property on Under Mountain Road in Salisbury where my husband Joe  Woodward learned to weave from my master weaver father on the old 72" Scottish fly shuttle loom. 

Serendipitously, the Pinkstons asked if we were interested in Under Mountain Weavers as they were giving up the business end of weaving. They presented us with the Under Mountain Weavers sign that graced my parent's studio almost 30 years earlier. Thus, this third location of Under Mountain Weavers was re-established under the watchful eye of master weaver Eric Gerstel just yards from where it all began 40 years earlier. 

Shop Under Mountain Weavers at both Railroad St. Collective locations. 

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